Take a look at these cute furballs and their unique sets of markings that make them even more lovable!

Burlesque queen Dita has co-created a retro-inspired, limited edition lingerie collection especially for new-mums.

Bucket the dog doesn't just run down hills likes other dogs, he takes the most fun route – sliding down on his back!

Oops, she's done it again! Britney's newest addition to her fabulous fragrance line is inspired by some of her most memorable moments on stage.


This crazy kitty gets freaked out by a ceramic cat and throws down all his best fighting moves in this totally one-sided cat fight.

If Charlie the Beagle ever upsets baby Laura by taking one of her toys he always gives it straight back – and to make it all better he fetches more and more toys from the toy box to keep her happy!

The thoughtful gesture for tired-out mums was made by the manager at the Brasserie Blanc in Cheltenham, England.

A French supermarket has launched a 'glorious war against food waste' with its latest campaign celebrating the beauty of 'ugly' fruit and veg.

Contemporary artist Telmo Pieper has 'reincarnated' his childhood artwork incorporating them with an up-to-date digital style.

This adorable duo are a real-life version of the Disney cartoon classic The Fox and the Hound.

Many yoga postures were originally inspired by animals so no wonder these adorable pets want to join in!

Loving the stunning pink dial with gold accents on this super-stylish wrist candy by Michael Kors.

Golden Retriever owner Ariel Goodman caught her adorable new pup comforting her new big sister while having a bad dream.

Only to be opened in a snack emergency. Use as directed – open tin and eat cookies.


This delightful new recipe book features simple, home cooking ideas, each one given a clever flavour twist by the addition of a few herbs or flowers.

The whale, thought to be a two-year-old humpback beached on Palm Beach south of Brisbane Queensland, Australia, for two days before being freed by rescuers.

If you love the clickety-clack of an old school typewriter this vintage style type-writer inspired keyboard is just for you.

Raju the elephant was rescued by the Uk-based charity Wildlife SOS Elephant Rescue Team after fifty long years of being chained and leading a life of suffering.

89-year-old Erling Kindem and his 3-year-old neighbor Emmett Rychner have been the best of friends for more than a year. The pair have spent nearly every day together playing croquet, fixing up bikes and racing their matching lawn mowers.

Vera Bradley gets an A* for the lovely new collection of back-to-school backpacks and accessories.

Chevy the cat is guarding the stairs, so brave Fenway the German Shepherd puppy comes to the rescue of Bo-Sox the adorable Golden Retriever.

The iconic surf campervan re-imagined as a fun toaster.

Keep track of your child's health with the new KidFit slappable fitness and sleep tracker bracelet.

No need to remove the paper case – now you can eat the whole cupcake!