Deliciously simple and beautifully illustrated recipes by artist Felicita Sala.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to create a beautiful, merged braid in 5 minutes.

Pugedo Smart Recycling Boxes in Istanbul help boost recycling and feed stray dogs at the same time.


Probably the coolest drinks fridge. Ever.

Rose flavored toothpaste pays homage to everyone's favorite romantic English novelist.

The perfect sweet-treat for meringue lovers!

Pantone-inspired stylish and space saving folding chair.

Adjustable straps and compression cups for custom comfort and support during light-impact workouts.

Delightful duvet cover set with ballerina photographic print, designed in collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet.

A cool pencil sharpener inspired by the traditional look of a wind-up key.

Critique of war, set to the Star Wars theme.

Stunning collection of hand-painted, digitally-printed scarves created using non-toxic natural materials.

Delightful Macaron trinket boxes look good enough eat!


Rev up your fall style with this stylish yet edgy moto jacket.

Rouge Louboutin is inspired by the iconic sole of every Christian Louboutin shoe – a timeless shade of red nail colour.

From insects to chilli peppers, this infographic explains exactly what gives you the perfect pout.

Nail polish that changes color in the presence of date rape drugs.

Stay connected to the kids you love – wherever you are in the world.

This adorable cat entertaining a 4 month old baby is just precious!

Take a look at these cute furballs and their unique sets of markings that make them even more lovable!

Burlesque queen Dita has co-created a retro-inspired, limited edition lingerie collection especially for new-mums.

Bucket the dog doesn't just run down hills likes other dogs, he takes the most fun route – sliding down on his back!

Oops, she's done it again! Britney's newest addition to her fabulous fragrance line is inspired by some of her most memorable moments on stage.


This crazy kitty gets freaked out by a ceramic cat and throws down all his best fighting moves in this totally one-sided cat fight.