Ruby Wing clever color changing nail varnish gives two colors in one bottle

Color Club Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish

New York-based cosmetic company Color Club have taken the hassle out of choosing your nail color with their new Ruby Wing line of 'color changing' nail varnish.

Using clever 'photochromic' technology the nail varnish actually changes color in the sun!

Fashionista tested the new line which includes colors from "neutrals, to trendy greens and blues to glitters".

"The color transition happens quickly when you go from indoors to out, and is guaranteed to wow all your friends," says the Fashionista team.

Color Club's high-quality professional formulas are Vegan, Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP free. Ruby Wing Color Changing Nail Polish ($12) will be available from August at Color Club.

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